Don’t spend a fortune on your RV or Motorhome roof repair!

EPDM Liquid Roof rubber coating will fix it in less time and for lower cost.

  • Takes just one coat
  • Premium quality product
  • Long lasting
  • Stays flexible
  • Instantly waterproof
  • 5 year warranty
            Pro Guard EPDM Liquid Roof Sealant

Your RV or Motorhome Roof Repair: Why You Can Trust Genuine Liquid EPDM

Your RV or motorhome roof is leaking. It appears minor at the moment, but imagine the damage leaks will do to your valuable vehicle if left untreated. Only the highest quality, easily applied, longest-lasting roof repair will weatherproof your vehicle for years and give you priceless peace of mind when the weather’s at its worst.

Autumn to early spring? Liquid Roof needs a consistent 12C to cure, making outside repair during the colder months impossible. Don't worry, the same coating experts have created a winter alternative that can cure in temperatures as low as 1C and still be ready for rain in just 1-3 hours. Learn more about how Moisture Cure can weatherproof you motorhome roof no matter the time of year here. 

As sole UK distributors of Liquid Roof liquid EPDM, we can help. Liquid Roof is a proven reroofing product for RVs and motorhomes – the only true EPDM liquid available in the UK – buy yours online now.

The sooner we discuss your RV or motorhome roof repair the sooner you can take away the worry, cost and inconvenience of leaks. And if you’re a professional repairer or stockist, please contact us for valuable trade savings.

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More about liquid EPDM RV or motorhome roof repairs

Liquid Roof EPDM rubber coating is fast and easy to apply in one coat by brush or roller. Motorhome and RV owners like you are amazed that such a simple product gives such high-quality weatherproofing for so long:

  • One coat application on to a clean surface
  • Long pot life
  • Lengthens roof life
  • Perfect for DIYers
  • Enables better sound insulation (fibreglass & aluminium)
  • Accommodates natural flexing of roof
  • Out-performs other traditional materials
  • One coat application
  • Seals and repairs
  • Instantly waterproofs
  • UV and Ozone resistant
  • Can withstand temperatures: -50 C to +175 C
  • 5 year product warranty
Repairing in colder conditions? Get the same reliable weatherproofing from Liquid Roof's winter partner, capable of curing in near freezing conditions and fully cured in just 1-3 hours. Learn more here.

Successfully used in the USA, UK and Europe

This is a high-performance coating that’s successfully repaired the roofs of vehicles like yours in the USA for years. Since the 1990s, from Alaska to New Mexico, Liquid Roof has consistently outlasted other reroofing materials such as acrylics, elastomeric and urethanes. Now it’s available over here, UK customers are already giving it great reviews.

Now, imagine you or your repairer quickly, easily, applying Liquid Roof’s superior finish and enjoying the peace of mind of a long-lasting professional-quality repair.

You can easily return your roof to showroom standard yourself. Just clean the roof, apply Liquid Roof and your vehicle is immediately protected against the worst weather – even if it rains the moment after you’ve applied it! You’ll save lots of time and money compared to other repair methods too.

Works on all kinds of RV and motorhome roof materials

As well as looking superb and protecting for years, Liquid Roof is versatile and works on metal, rubber, fibreglass, wood, fabric or foam. This isn’t a cheap ‘temporary fix’. As thousands of delighted motorhome and RV owners know, Liquid Roof seals cracks, waterproofs instantly and withstands extreme temperatures like nothing else.

Looking to stop leaks from Autumn to Spring? Liquid Roof needs a consistent 12C to cure, but you can use Moisture Cure rubber during the colder months, and still get a long lasting watertight seal. Learn more here.

Basic repairs or your whole vehicle roof

Whether you’re an owner or professional repairer needing to seal and waterproof a whole motorhome or RV roof, or repair minor damage, our Roof Repair Kit is perfect.

The sooner you contact us the sooner Liquid Roof will save you time and money, increase the life of your motorhome roof and keep it looking great for years.

Our advice is free, so please call 0800 6120 750 now or email us.

PS: Are you a motorhome or RV repairer? Trying is believing! Please contact us to order a sampler.



EPDM Liquid Roof Review


“We don’t hesitate to recommend this product!

My husband and I thought we were in for a nasty shock in terms of the cost of repairing our vehicle’s roof, but we found this amazing liquid coating and it’s done the job beautifully. We did it ourselves and it looks great!”

Mrs Elliott

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