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For small emergency repairs 

Just as you carry a first aid kit, we recommend that motorhome and RV owners also carry one of our roof repair kits in their vehicle at all times – just in case an emergency roof repair is required.

Our Liquid Roof Universal Repair Kits consist of a handy-sized 475 ml (1 US pint) supply of Liquid Roof, a pre-measured bottle of catalyst; a roll of reinforcing fabric and a roll of butyl tape – so you can repair small leaks or tears before they become a big problem.

 Easy one-coat application by brush or roller - perfect for DIY


 Instantly waterproof


 Use on rubber, metal and fibreglass roofs without primer


 Long pot life


 Out-performs and outlasts similar products 

Don’t let roof leaks ruin your holiday or your motorhome – especially when a high-quality, long-lasting repair is so easy to achieve. Even a small leak can cause expensive damage. That’s why maintaining your motorhome roof is one of the most important things you can do to keep your entire RV in good condition.