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Seal corners and edges around your caravan skylights and TV aerial and weatherproof the most vulnerable parts of your roof. MS Polymer is a solvent-free adhesive that prepares edges and roof details for a coating of Liquid Roof or Moisture Cure. This tough sealant is easy to position in hard to reach corners and other troublesome place on your motohome roof.

Apply and allow to dry fully before topcoating Liquid Roof or Moisture Cure. 

A standard cartridge is enough to seal around 10m with a 6mm bead.

Make your Liquid Roof or Moisture Cure application even easier and get completely sealed corners and details that'll keep your vehicle dry for years to come. 

How to apply

Your roof must first be clean and free of any loose material and standing water. Remove any previous coatings or repair solutions. Then use an applicator gun to apply MS Polymer straight onto the surface of your caravan roof. Wait to dry completely before topcoating with Liquid Roof or Moisture Cure.