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Get a watertight seal in the long term by priming your motorhome roof before applying SpeedPatch. This resin gives you a more weatherproof repair, as well as ensuring the SpeedPatch is fully sealed to your roof. Priming the area and then coating over the patch with this resin gives you complete confidence in a weatherproof finish that can go on for years. No more watching the clouds and worrying. And no more leaks spoiling your big plans. 

This quick and easy to use primer cures when exposed to daylight. This means no catalyst or mixing required.

Stop that leak today and have confidence in your repair during the worst rainstorms.

The UV Curing Primer primes the area before you apply a SpeedPatch, as well as seals the edges and provides a further barrier from the weather. This ensures proper adhesion, making your repair stay in place in the long run. 

How to apply

As this resin is UV Cured, there's no mixing or catalyst. Simply paint the resin on and it will dry to form a durable weatherproof barrier. The brighter the day, the faster the cure. Ensure area is completely clean and dry before applying. The resin needs to be fully cured before applying the SpeedPatch. Application is quick and easy, so you can have a watertight roof in no time.