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This package includes a 950 ml (1 US quart) can of Liquid Roof and a pre-measured bottle of catalyst. Perfect for the highest quality, long-lasting small repairs, or to keep in your vehicle for emergencies.

Covers 0.975 m2 (10 ft2) with a 0.5 mm (0.02 in.) dry film. To find out how much Liquid Roof you will need for your high-quality, long-lasting repair, click on the Additional Product Details link (below left) for coverage rates. 

Now you too can enjoy the many benefits of a weather-tight rubber roof for your motorhome. Liquid Roof forms a 100% chemically cured seamless membrane for your motorhome, every bit as solid and attractive as factory installed sheet rubber. You can install an entire new motorhome roof yourself, or make repairs to your existing motorhome roof, quickly and easily. Goes on like paint - works like magic.

US Gallons Litres Coverage (m2 Coverage (ft2)
 1/4 950ml 0.925–0.975  10–10.5
 1 3.78 3.70–3.90 40–42
 2 7.56 7.43–7.80  80–84
 3 11.34  11.14–11.70  120–126
 4 15.12 14.86–15.60  160–168
 5 18.90  18.58–19.50  160–168
 6 22.68  22.29–23.41 240–252