Don’t just take our word for the quality, performance, ease of use and durability of Liquid Roof. Here’s what delighted motorhome and RV owners and repairers have been saying about us since the 1990s. 

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 "Great service and customer support. Moisture Cure product applied on Hymer Motorhome roof without too many application issues. Once applied the EPDM coverage gives a quality looking finish. For those looking to protect a Motorhome Roof have no doubt in obtaining a great result."

N. Bailey

"One of the unique things about the product is that it is very easy to use, very clean and it won't run down the sides of the vehicle. It dries to a smooth beautiful finish. On a metal roof it will quiet the roof and reduce the heat in the interior. It is very easy to make spot repairs on metal roofs and an excellent product to seal vents and pipes. I use, at this time no other sealant. If a customer wants a roof with a less expensive product that is not as reliable, I refuse to do the job."

RV Doctor

"We looked at the product and it is far superior than anything I have ever see out there. We switched to Liquid Roof because of the simplicity of the product as far as its application and it is also compatible with all types of roofs."

RV Mobile Medic

"I applied the product on the trailer in about a 2-hour period one evening. It was tricky with the application, from a novice who had not done this before, on the flat surface as well as rounding the corners and down on the sides about 6 inches. It went GREAT! Needless to say, I am super proud of the product and the finished job. Thanks again, Here is what I say about my finished product now.... "No drips, no runs, no errors!""

G. Sorrell

"I was faced with a £4,900 roof replacement estimate for my motor home. I thought for sure my RVing days were over. As DIYer, I was extremely pleased with your product. It has done everything you said it would. My roof looks brand new and has a seamless finish that looks like I will be leak free for years to come. Thanks for a product that performed as promised and is well within the capabilities of a determined RV Owner to apply."

Harold F

"I have a 1996 25 foot camp trailer that has a rubber roof that needed coating. I did a lot of research before deciding on Liquid Roof. I already know that EPDM roofs are great and I was very happy when I found this product. The trailer roof had just a few very small holes and one small tear at the edge about 1-inch long. I washed the roof with a high pressure hot water washer and a great degreaser. Almost all of the old coating came off. I chose not to patch or reinforce any of the small holes. I opened and mixed the Liquid RV Roof product as per the instructions. With a friend to help me, we began to apply the thick mixture. It was a breeze to apply. Having a squeegee and roller is key. We applied on a nice cool day at about 70 degrees. We applied about three gallons to the roof. It only took about 1.5 hours to complete the application including doing the edges with a brush by hand. It took about 72 hours for the wrinkles to flatten. The small tear and pin holes were coated perfectly and sealed great."

Todd West

"I done a lot of research online before I decided to go with Liquid Roof. I have to say that I am very glad that I did. The product was easy to use. This is definately a Do It Yourself Project. I did find a couple things that will help you with your application. If at all possible use two people. Even though one person can do this project it is so much easier with two. Wear gloves, it can be a messy job. I am very happy with the ease of use and the outcome of this project. The temperature was about 52 degrees when doing the roof and has now set for three days. It is still a little tacky but with the cool temps we have had that is to be expected. The warmer it is the faster it will cure out. I will 100% for sure use this product again and reccommend it to my fellow RV'ers"


"Hello, like to thank you for this wonderful product I used on my RV. The roof was 10 years old and needed something done to it before it began to leak..After days of research at many rv shops and the internet, I found your product and used it..All I did was wash the roof before using your product..It took a few hours to complete the job and over all, it was quite easy to apply..I used a small "roller" and a paint brush. The finish results were like night and day..A truely wonderful product and I highly recommend it to other RVers...Thanks again

Dave Shingleton

"We had an opportunity to apply your Liquid Roof product on the metal roof of our RV this weekend. I am very happy with the ease of application and the final smooth look of the roof once the self levelling and curing process began."


"Thank you so much for your excellent product. Liquid Roof repaired the roof of my friend's mobile home as nothing else could. I will be happy to make a testimonial as to its ease of application and general effectiveness."

C. Clark

"We recently installed Liquid Roof on the roof of our houseboat. Liquid Roof was installed over unpainted plywood, fiberglass, painted wood and aluminum. It bonded very well to everything! Installation was relatively easy and the final result looks great! We are extremely pleased and have been recommending it to everyone on our dock! Thanks."

D Skipper